Mohammed Saadi 

Oral Health Therapist & Hygienist

Mohammed (Mo) completed a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney in Oral Health. He is dual qualified as a hygienist and therapist since 2017.

The significance of Oral Health to Mo is shown through his dedication to becoming aware of emerging studies and research in the field. As a member of the Dental Hygienists Association Australia, Mo further encompasses his role by truly involving himself in dental education seminars that aim to refine his skill and improve his ability to better the health of his patients. Mo embodies the spirit of his occupation, as he not only advocates for the importance of dental care to his patients but to the wider community.

In addition to the knowledge acquired from his degree, Mo rapidly built his skill set by completing additional courses such as Adult Restorative Course in 2019 (University of Sydney) as well as the Advanced Adult Dental therapy program in 2021 (University of Melbourne). Mo has a strong interest in periodontal disease management, children’s dentistry, teeth whitening and the dynamic relationship between the disciplines of sleep medicine and dentistry.

For many, connotations to the ‘dentist’ are deemed frightening! Mo strives to employ his social skills and approachability to break this barrier to ultimately better the health of society. Not only does he aim to ensure that patient dental health is optimal, but also their experiences within the practice. It is truly valuable to Mo to see his patients leave with a smile from his courteous nature and hard work!

Apart from his passion for dentistry, Mo is an avid explorer who enjoys travelling the world with his family and friends. He is also a massive sports enthusiast, particularly concerning soccer and basketball.

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